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October 20, 2012
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As a young girl walked in here town she softly cryed thinking of the one she cryed for the most.
She walk into the deep part of the park no one ever gose anymore with here espeon walking close behind her drgginhg her tail.
As the young girl cryed she felt the pain of him walking away from here and not looking back. She sits down under a tall try wishing that someone would come and take
away the pain of this heart that beats in her chest. She sit and hugged her knees crying softly. Why dose everyone she love's hate her like they do.........
She just shows them hert heart and all the do is shot it and step on it as they walk away happyly like nothing happened........
She sits in the shadow of the tall tree and crys hard.Her espeon laying next to her sad as she was.....
Why dose the pain always have this pain knowing she will be alone the one that no one care's for or will ever feel saft......
SHe nothing But a shadow nothing but a walking nothing......he left.....with everything she had left she trusted him with everything she was...
Now she has nothing but the words "NO Heart"
Lightfeathy555 Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

I am here for you Mist :hug:
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